Entries start at 4:00pm and end at 10:00pm. 

DO NOT call to enter earlier!!!

In order to enter you must have a current CARA membership or be a one time "LOCAL" contestant. Local contestants call the same number to enter.

Memberships must be purchased by Tuesday NOON the day before entries.

CARA does not operate on a call back system, when you phone in your entry, on the designated evening, the person taking entries will let you know if you can compete on the specific date requested.


Entries Cost for All Rodeos except Finals 

Senior Events - $50.00 + $5.00 Finals Fee = $55 per person per event

Junior Events - $30.00 + $5.00 Finals Fee = $35 per person per event




Eckville  June 8-9, 2018  May 30, 2018

ENTRIES:  403-755-6312          

 (Priority will be given to CARA Members)


Performances  Fri & Sat - 6:30pm  


Bareback and Saddle Bronc is one head - Friday night ONLY



Slack  - Sat - 2pm


Parade - Sat - Noon

Family Cabaret after Sat Performance - included in admission 

Gate Admission -

Contestants Free; Adults $10; Students $5

Turn Out # 403-755-6312

Junior Rodeo - Sunday, June 9 - 10 am - online entry 

Jr Rodeo Entry Form

ENTRIES CLOSE for Jr Rodeo May 31.


   Eckville Program





 Fathers Day Weekend

June 16-17, 2018



June 6, 2018




Click here for form



Turnout # 403-318-6922


Saturday June 16th - Jr Rodeo 9 am; Timed Event Slack - 4 pm (no rough stock),

Sunday June 17 -  12 noon (starts with Ladies Barrels)

Added events:  Sheep riding, Calf Scramble, 6 & under Barrels,  (pre entry required),

Junior rodeo (Saturday 9 am) - ONLINE Entries - 

Gimlet Jr Rodeo Entry 

Entries Close June 12

Gate admission: $5 per person, 10 & under free.

Rough Stock - Pengelly

Timed Stock - Pollitt

For more information contact:  Bill or Lorraine at 403-746-5425



Entwistle June 30-July 1, 2018   June 20, 2018


Starts at 2 pm both days
Slack is June 30 starts at 7 pm
Major Events $300.00 added money per event
Ladies Cow Riding $200 added money
All Junior Evets  $100.00 added money per event
Championship Award Bags in all events
Release forms to be signed by all contestants with complete addresses and phone #'s.
Payout will be done the following week and cheques mailed out
All contestants to pay gate admission  Adults $10, 14 & under $5, and 6 & under free
Entry Fees are CASH ONLY.
Stock - Triple Diamond Rodeo

ENTRIES:  780-727-3767

Turnout # 780-514-9222


Saturday Perf

Saturday Slack

Sunday Perf

Panee July 7 & 8, 2018 June 27, 2018    

 July 13-15, 2018

 July 4, 2018


July 13, 2018

Local rodeo, start time 6 pm.

Events:  Sheep riding, Relay race, hide race, barrel racing, wild cow milking, wild pony race (must have same team for all 3 days), stockman's saddle horse race, cattle rustling.

Entries taken same time as CARA.

July 14 & 15, 2018

Start times are 1 pm both days.  Slack is on the 14th (Saturday) at 5 pm.

$500 added to Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Ladies Cow Riding

Added events are:  Muttin bustin, wild pony race, parade.

Cabaret at The Vault  -  Saturday night @ 9 pm. $5 cover charge.

Gate admission is $10 per person, 6 & under free.

We have lots of vendors offering food, and non food items.  Lots of room for dry (no hookups) camping.

For more information contact: Hazel (403)704-4010, Vykki (403)843-6801 or April (403)348-1238

ENTRIES: 403-348-1238/403-843-6801

Turnout # 403-348-1238

  2017 Rimbey Program

 July 20-21, 2018

 July 11, 2018

July 20 & 21, 2018

Start times are: 

Jr Rodeo Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. 

CARA Friday 6 pm & Saturday 1 pm (office open 1 hour prior to rodeo), Slack Saturday @ 9 am

Gate admission:

$10 Adult, $5 12 & Under, Contestants $5

Added events:

Sheep riding, Ladies Cow Riding, Beer Gardens, Wild Cow Milking, Wild Pony Race



After July 5 contact: 


Turnout #403-710-1813

Carstairs Friday Perf

Carstairs Sat Slack

Carstairs Sat Perf



July 27-29, 2018


July 18, 2018


July 27 - 29, 2018

Start times:

Friday July 27

Jr Rodeo

July 19 4 pm - 10 pm

Entry #403 507 3126

Friday night roping, entries 5 pm. 

Sat July 28th

CARA Rodeo

Slack at 9 am

Rodeo 1 pm. 

FreeStyle MX 5:30

Sheep Riding & Wild Pony Race 6 pm

Sat night CPRA bareback riding challenge 7 pm.  Cabaret to follow. 

Sun July 29th

Sheep riding at noon,

Rodeo 1 pm

Facililties on site:  washrooms, showers, concession, beer gardens.

Gate admission:  Sat Adults $20, Students $10; Sunday Adults $10, Students $5.  Contestants pay also.

ENTRIES:  403-559-6316

Turnout # 403-559-6316

  Saturday & Sunday Performances

Saturday Slack


 Aug 3-5, 2018

 July 25, 2018

Slack 5pm Friday August 3rd

Performance Saturday and Sunday Aug 4 & 5, 2018 @ 12pm  (office open 1 hour prior to rodeo)

Added events:

Sheep riding, Tiny Mite Goat Tail Tying, Ladies Cow Riding, Wild Pony Race,

Evening Events: Pony Express, Stock Horse Race, Men’s Costumed Barrel Racing

Free Dry Camping – no hookups

Concessions available all weekend

Gate admission:

$10 Adult, $5 Kids under 12, contestants pay gate admission

Beer Gardens

Friday Night – DJ

Saturday Night Cabaret $5/admission

Sunday Night Band $5/admission

Entries # 403-747-2928

Turnout # 403-396-1066

  2017 Tees Program

 Aug 10-11, 2018

 Aug 1, 2018

Start times: 

Perf - Friday 6 pm,

Slack Friday after Perf

Perf - Saturday 5 pm.

Gate admission:  Adults $8, Students/Seniors $6, Contestants: Sr $5, Jr free.

Camping facilites with full services available on site.

Added events:  parade, wild pony race, fireworks, cabaret (Jaydee Bixby)

ENTRIES:  403-748-3977 from 5pm-10pm (4 lines available) No early/late calls will be accepted.

Please call Jeremy Park @ 403-350-0814 for more info.

Turn out number 403-350-0814

  Bentley Program

Alix Aug 18 & 19, 2018 August 8, 2018    


 Sept 1 & 2, 2018

Rimbey Ag Centre

10 AM

Both Days


Junior Entry Fees $100 per event for weekend
Senior Entry Fees $150 per event for weekend
Cash Only for Fees




  Online Entry  


Phone In Entries


If you DO NOT get a confirmation email, you are NOT entered

You MUST have a current 2016 membership and provide the number at time of entries to compete at the Finals.  You only have to have competed at 1 rodeo, with a membership to qualify.  Finals DOES NOT count as your 1 rodeo.


  Finals Program


Order of Events stays the same both days - order of contestants within each event will reverse on Sunday.


CARA Membership -

Seniors - $70.00

Juniors - $60.00

Junior/Senior - $70.00 (allows a Junior member to compete in Senior Events)

Early Bird Discount of $10 per membership if purchased before May 1st


***In order to compete at the Finals in any event, you have to have competed in that event, in at least one current season CARA rodeo, and a current CARA membership.***

Your membership includes cover entry into Finals Rodeo.  

Tickets for the Supper and Season Leader Award Presentation, which will include a dance after the presentations, can be purchased at the Finals.


Finals Format


Finals will be held at the Rimbey Agrim Center on Saturday and Sunday September 2 & 3, 2017

This year the Central Alberta Rodeo Association Board has chosen to change the format for the finals. This year the Finals rodeo will be a 2 day, 2 head average rodeo… so ALL contestants will now compete both days.

There will be Buckles and Added money to be awarded to the Finals Rodeo Average winners.

The entry fees will be $100 for Juniors and $150 for Senior Events (which covers the both days) –

100% of these entry fees and added money being added to the pay out.



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